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November 5th, Deputy Director of the Department of Policy and Regulations of the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Fan Bin visited Senyuan. Officer from Industry and Information Technology Committee of Henan province Chen Weizhong, and deputy mayor of Xuchang city Cuan Limin accompanied. President Chu Jinfu, executive manager Cao Hong and other company officers attended the meeting.


During the meeting, President Chu introduced our recent operating state as well as Senyuan’s accomplishment in business innovation, internet+ program, steady business growth and international investment to Mr. Fan Bin,


Fan Bin praised the good developing tendency of Senyuan, and marveled at the achievements that we have made in recent years. He said that he was not expecting to see such an outstanding private enterprise in a small city like Changge. He hopes to provide more policy and regulation supports to private enterprises, in order to promote their development and make greater contributions to the national economic growth.